MILLENNIUM Spa & Beauty complex - Sofia

Type of the project  |  Day spa and Beauty center in multifunctional administrative building with offices, 5*hotel part, residential apartments, commercial areas.

Construction Gross Area  |  3190 sq m.

Special Features  |  The recreational wellness and beauty center is designed to meet the expectations of guests from the 5-star hotel and visitors from the city. The project offers indoor cutting edge swimming pool, thermal area, massage rooms, VIP Spa apartments, Cosmetic-dermatological center, Hair style salon and Protein bar. Access to the spa is available through attractive panoramic elevators.

Services  |  Functional architectural plan of the facilities, interior high end spa design. Full Technical drawings, electrical & water supply and sewage. Spa Consulting, spa management concept and exploatation, return on investments. Author′s supervision.

Date  |  Project stage 2018 year.

Investor NIKMI Jsc.

Construction/contractors Aquadream Pools, NIKMI Jsc, Kubera Design. 2018-19.


paintings: Emilia Ochkova